A one-day workshop


The ability to persuade people to change their point of view, to change their behaviour, to move towards our own position, is clearly one of life's critical skills. In the business or professional environment we may be seeking to persuade colleagues, our boss, those who work for us, suppliers, customers, even perhaps competitors. Whilst it is undoubtedly the case that some people are more naturally "persuasive" than others, the good news is that persuasion is a skill which, to a large extent, can be learned.


This workshop will explain the different methods of successful persuasion and explore the pitfalls. Participants will be able to:

  • Choose appropriate techniques of persuasion
  • Apply the full repertoire of techniques
  • Connect the main research findings in this field with practical application
  • Build trust in relationships
  • Manage themselves in ways that enhance their ability to persuade
  • Present ideas more successfully


The workshop is delivered over one day. Trainer instruction is combined with individual and syndicate work as well as practical exercises that will illustrate key issues and allow practice in the application of persuasion skills. Group size: 3 to 30 people.

Please contact us for further information regarding our 'Persuasion Skills' workshop.